Couscous with Tata Hannah


Couscous with Tata Hannah is a personal memoir of life in a small Algerian town.

Recently, Huguette’s granddaughter asked her: “Grand’mère, what is our background?” This volume could be seen as an answer to that question.

“Couscous with Tata Hannah” is a memoir of a largely vanished world and of Jewish North Africa. Memory and storytelling are central to Jewish life and the writings incorporate the author’s personal experiences followed by anecdotes about an older generation, orally passed down by her aging mother.

The compilation of episodes and stories form a tapestry rich in colours, sounds and smells, conveying an atmosphere and climate of a time and place where Christians, Jews and Arabs lived and worked side by side under the one universally acknowledged benefactor: the sun, shining equally on rich and poor over their beautiful land.

It has previously only been available as an e-book, but is now published as a paperback, with photographs, by Dubois Publishing and is available at Amazon.