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Bringing philosophers to life

24. Sep 2016
Harry Goode

The idea for my project came to me when I read about the attempts that Plato made to persuade Dionysius, tyrant of Syracuse, to adopt a better form of government. He continued to attempt this with the tyrant’s son, also called Dionysius, when he succeeded his father. There was also a homo-erotic affair between Plato and Dion, a relative of the tyrants. I thought this would make good longish short story. In fact it grew into a novella of 22,000 words, and I felt that in the course of telling the story I had explained something of Plato’s philosophy.

Cambridge Writers Short Story Competition 2015

7. Mar 2015
David Franks

Anne-Marie Garvey, journalist and writer, was our judge this year. She told the meeting that she had thoroughly enjoyed reading the very varied entries, inventive and exciting, every one of which had merits. She said that she was so much looking forward to the eBook and how wonderfully talented were all of the entries, a real treat for a reader who wants variety, style and tone from the hands of people who can take them to some unusual places with skill and conviction. Each one had a surprising angle on the short story, she said, and that it was a real challenge to choose the winners.

Who Writes and Reads Romantic Fiction?

11. Sep 2014
R J Gould

I’ve joined the Romantic Novelists Association and took part in their 2014 Annual Conference. Both the Association and the conference are valuable, the latter providing an interesting mix of practical tips (how to self-publish, attract an agent, ideas about Plot, Location, and Characterisation); some theoretical background (the Chemistry of Reading, universal elements of the genre); and the opportunity to meet agents, editors and publishers. I was fortunate to be able to chat with Hazel Cushion, the founder of Accent Press and was highly impressed with how the company works and their future plans. I’m looking forward to working with them. 

Short Story Competition 2013

10. Feb 2013
Helen Culnane

On 5th February Jeff Mackowiak delighted all present with an adjudication that sparkled with wit and insight. He had clearly enjoyed reading the 35 stories entered for our competition. He commended diversity of styles and themes in the submissions and explained why this meant that the only way to judge them was on the basis of how each worked as a story. He cited several entries, quoting passages that had particularly appealed, before announcing three commended stories then (in reverse order) the three prize winners, each of which was read aloud and greatly enjoyed.