Jane Wilson-Howarth

  • coordinator of the travel and nature writing group reading group

Jane started travelling in the seventies when her mother hoped that a trip to the Himalayan region might cure her itchy feet. She started writing letters home that ever so slowly, over further trips and expeditions, evolved into more polished prose. Almost all her writing has a travel theme: her first five books were travel memoirs and books of travel health advice.

She has also written a novel set in Nepal called “Snowfed Waters”; originally self-published, Speaking Tiger will relaunch this probably late in 2016. Her series of eco-adventures for children is to be published by Eifrig and will also be launched during the summer of 2016.  Jane’s faecal sense of humour and straight talking on the subject of emanations and excreta amuse many but proves too much for some, and there is one book title that few dare to utter. Details of her books and background can be found at www.wilson-howarth.com

Selected Works

A Glimpse of Eternal Snows (2012)


When Jane's son, David, was diagnosed with a serious neurological disorder, the family took the decision to return to their home in remote mountainous Nepal, so that David might live his life to the fullest and be free from invasive medical testing.

This memoir tells of the family's time in Rajapur and Kathmandu. it vividly conjures the sounds, sights and smells of exotic bazaars, the warmth and complxity of the people and the great natural beauty of the country.

This is the second edition as a Bradt travel guide.

The Essential Guide to Travel Health (2009)


This is a guide to health hazards abroad, useful without being hysterical. It describes what you can catch or pick up, how to avoid it and what to do if the worst happens.

The Book Seller said "made more palatable by case histories and touches of humour".

New edition published by Cadogan

How to Shit Around the World (2006)


It may sound like a collection of scatological humour, but is actually a guide to staying clean and healthy during more adventurous travel trips. Jane is a medical doctor, who has herself visited and worked in places where such advice is essential.

Published by Travelers' Tales, Palo Alto, California.

How to avoid... centipedes and millipedes

A must read for anybody phobic about small creatures.

First published in BBC Wildlife magazine