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Siobhán Carew was born in Dublin, Ireland, and came to Cambridge in the 1990s via Australia, London and Devon. Her elder brother encouraged her to start writing when she was five years old, but it was many years before she eventually produced readable work! She and her husband live on a farm north of Cambridge. The only listed livestock is a cranky cat, who works hard at dispatching other creatures who stray onto his patch.

Siobhán writes fiction and has published several books, two of which are crime novels set in Cambridge (Cambridge Red and Cambridge Green). A third in the Cambridge series is due to come out next year, but the next book on the horizon, Hopatcong Pink, will be published at the end of 2016. She has also written a murder novel set in the west of Ireland (The Pig Shed), and is currently working on two books set in Dublin. She also writes short stories, and has published a set about misbehaving cats (CATalogue). She is a member of the Society of Authors.

twitter: @siobhancarew

Selected Works

Cambridge Rose (2019)


Siobhán Carew has just published her third book in the Cambridge Crime series.

Rose Foster meets Ronnie Lyndon when she begins a master's degree in Cambridge. A relationship blossoms. Rose is still reeling from the death of a beloved aunt. Is life now on the up? Just when she thinks it might be, Rose is plunged into a terrifying situation.

DI Harry Meredith has been investigating the kidnapping of a wealthy diplomat's daughter. When he discovers another university student is missing, Harry becomes concerned. Is Rose's disappearance purely a coincidence, or is something more sinister afoot?

Lingering (2017)

Received Highly Recommended at the Cambridge Writers Short Story Competition 2017.

Cambridge Green (2015)


When DCI Anne Fountain phones newly appointed Detective Inspector Harry Meredith with news of a murder, he is surprised to learn that his first case will take him back to the Cambridge college he graduated from. A body has been found in the Fellow's Garden of St Benedict's College. Harry and his Detective Sergeant, Ellen Brookes, quickly realise that there is little appetite for helping them among some members of the college. The bursar, Mr Darnton, decrees that no one should speak to the police on college property. Happily for the investigation, Harry and Ellen are willing to run Mr Darnton's gauntlet.

They make a surprising discovery about the murdered man, who was a visiting scholar to the college, and this takes them out of Cambridge, into the Fens, where they uncover a disturbing crime which shocks them profoundly.

Despite being 'banned' from the college, Harry's investigation takes him there again and again, and he begins to rely on some of the staff to help him tease out the complicated route that led to Dr Chen's murder. Janis, in the Senior Tutor's Office, catches their interest early on; Patrick, the head gardener, whom Harry befriended when he was a student, is a steady source of information and good sense, with a little nonsense thrown in for good measure. The story is peppered with feisty and funny characters, who help and hinder the investigation. No one, however, can avert the tragic conclusion.

Cambridge Green is available as an e-book on Kindle.

CATalogue (2013)


Meet Merlin. He's the cat who wishes he had a magic wand. There are problems at home. His owner, Angie, has married Dick, and Merlin really doesn't like him. Dick's negative attitude and cutting comments would depress any cat, but Merlin is feisty, and he stands his ground. Dick's daughter Celine, her boyfriend Maffs, and his son Reg have become a part of Merlin's life. He has strong opinions about them.

Even independent cats need friends and Merlin's very best friend is Bumface. He hangs around with Scrotak, a quiet cat who has recently moved in, with plucky Percival and his sister Petal.

Ah, neighbours: Merlin wishes Ginger didn't live next door. The man is nosy and nasty. Antonia, who lives the other side, is ancient and well-meaning, but dotty. Not the best cat-sitter!

Interspersed with Merlin's story are anecdotes about his friends, and other cats.

CATalogue is available as an e-book on Kindle.

The Pig Shed (2013)


Breffni Everingham discovers the body of her Uncle Charles in a shed. He has been murdered. His unexpected death brings relationship difficulties within the family to a head. Simmering resentments explode, allowing shocking personal and family histories to seep out of the chaos.

At times dark and emotional, the novel is full of humour, and it paints a colourful picture of life in a small community, and the interactions of the people within it

First to arrive on the scene following Breffni's discovery of the body is Garda Malone, a sarcastic bully who finds it impossible to behave either well or objectively. Hidden behind his harassment of the family is the memory of an unrequited love for Breffni's mother, awakened when he sees Breffni for the first time.

Relations and friends gather: Breffni's sister Corry and her brother Henry, who is one of the few calm members of the family; the Bish, Charles's brother and a retired bishop, arrives before Breffni and her sister Corry break the news to him and his anger is almost explosive; Breffni's sanctimonious Aunt Edith sides with him; Aloysius, Aunt Edith's adopted son plays a greater part as the story develops. Mikey Farraher, Charles's ancient neighbour is sure it was tinkers. Hadn't there been a spate of cow-stealing lately? Who else but a wicked, thieving robber could have done such a thing to his old friend? All are subjected to questioning by Garda Malone, whose inefficient investigation weaves in and out of the story, stirring up anger and strong passions as he conducts his enquiries. The story gathers momentum, weaving a path through a series of events which finally lead to the murderer.

The Pig Shed is available as an e-book on Kindle.

Cambridge Red (2012)


Romantic and humorous, with a chilling climax, this novel draws the reader into life in Cambridge, England. Edward Holroyd, a university academic, marries impetuously and brings his bride to the city. Anni's delight with her surroundings, and amusement at the academics she had imagined would be crusty and boring, slowly fades as she realises Edward is keeping a secret from her.

She makes a friend of his cousin, Maud, librarian at the Department of Environmental Sciences. Maud begins to pull back the veil on Edward's demons, but a burglary in the department and an unexpected deposit in the Library, interrupt her story.

The pace gathers momentum as tensions and emotions build. A murder is committed and Anni finds herself at the centre of events that lead up to a disturbing conclusion.

Cambridge Red is available as an e-book on Kindle, and in paperback on Amazon, and in Heffers, Cambridge

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