Tim Love

  • newsletter editor of Cambridge Writers
  • coordinator of the poetry reading group
  • coordinator of the short prose reading group

Tim (seen here on Barcelona beach) has had poems in Rialto, Stand, Smith's Knoll, Oxford Poetry etc. His prose has recently been in Staple, Horizon Review and Short Fiction. He has a blog at http://litrefs.blogspot.com.

He has had poems in Smith's Knoll, Rialto, Acumen, Iota, Poetry Nottingham and short prose pieces in Short Fiction and Transmission.

Selected Works

Out of the Blue (2015)

Won Highly Recommended at the Cambridge Writers Short Story Competition

By All Means (2012)


This is a collection of short stories  that find people in transit; between places, relationships, states of mind and different lives. Sometimes these are stories of moving on, leaving the past and the characters populating a point in personal history lingering in memory's rear-view mirror.

'By all Means' (Nine Arches Press) is on sale from Inpress.

Moving Parts (2011)


The poetry collection is
on sale at the HappenStance site (and
Amazon). The average poem is 11 years
old and earned 9 pounds. 31 of the 32
poems have been previously published in

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