Hannah Hooton

  • publicity officer of Cambridge Writers

Hannah Hooton is a multiple award-winning author and screenwriter based in UK.

After splitting with her agent, Hannah Hooton burst onto the contemporary romance scene with the release of her debut novel, At Long Odds, in January 2012. This was followed by the multi-award winning, bestselling Aspen Valley series, so far consisting of the first four instalments, Keeping the Peace, Giving Chase, Share and Share Alike, and Making the Running.

The inspiration for these novels came while combining her wanderlust with her love of horse racing when travelling around Australia working from one racing stable to the next as a strapper (not to be confused with stripper).
She has now settled in East Anglia, UK, having recently completed a BA Honours degree in Writing and Film Studies.

Hannah won the Cambridge Writers Short Story Competition 2015 with Carvings For Sale, a snapshot of the evolving and turbulent African country where she grew up.

Hannah's passion and mild obsession with horses has forced her to plan her own life around the racing calendar. Her family are well aware not to expect an appearance from her at functions during the likes of Royal Ascot and Cheltenham Festival weeks. Writing racing romances allows her to further research her passion and she is privileged to have made some firm friends in so doing.

Hannah is currently working on a Young Adult paranormal mystery set in Cambridge, the third in the Messenger series.

Find her at her website and on Facebook and Twitter.

Selected Works

Night Vision (a Messenger series mystery) (2017)

writing as H.R. Aidan


16-year-old Noa Drury has enough to contend with when her troubled cousin Chelsea comes to stay, but then a mysterious spirit leaves a cryptic message for her to pass on to none other than his alleged killer Jake Burchell. But when Jake convinces Noa that he has been framed for a crime he didn’t commit the race is on to track down the true killer before the jury deliver their final verdict.

Can Noa clear Jake’s name or is there more to the message that she delivered to him than she’s bargained for?

Calix Puritatis (a Messenger series mystery) (2017)


writing as H.R. Aidan

16-year-old Noa has a ‘gift’ – the ability to see and speak to spirits. Her job is to pass on messages to the living from the spirit world, but when she is visited by apparent suicide Grant Fitzpatrick, an archaeologist with a cryptic message for his business partner, her suspicions are immediately roused.

When Noa investigates the truth behind his death with the help of her spirit guide Max, they discover a whole new mystery that has lain dormant for ten centuries. What is the significance of the legendary chalice, the Calix Puritatis, and can Noa find it before it falls into the wrong hands?

Girl Missing (a Messenger series mystery) (2016)


writing as H.R. Aidan


Holly Winslow is missing. Her parents insist she’s a runaway, mixed up with the wrong crowd. But P.I.’s daughter, Noa Drury, isn’t buying it. She’s had a ‘visitor’ who has suggested otherwise: Holly’s ghost.

16-year-old Noa has a ‘gift’ – the ability to see and speak to spirits. Her job is to pass on messages to the living from the spirit world, and while there are plenty of people who’d rather she kept quiet, this is one message she is determined to see delivered.

You see, Noa’s been waiting for a message from a very special person and if figuring out the mystery of Holly Winslow’s disappearance means making it happen then she’ll do whatever it takes, no matter the danger, no matter the trouble she gets into with her spirit guide, Max, and no matter the threat to her own life.

Chasing the Wind (Aspen Valley Series #5) (2016)



When tragedy strikes Aspen Valley Stables, racehorse trainer Jack Carmichael is in danger of losing everything – his wife, his reputation, his sanity… then in walks Lucy Kendrick, a young reporter, all set to shadow him.

Every journalist has an agenda and Lucy is no different. Can she uphold her cover when charismatic jockey Finn O’Donaghue makes her want to be no one but herself?

The Grand National beckons once more, but when the yard’s runners start to fall foul of the authorities, the future of Aspen Valley Stables is threatened. Is the wreckage that is his personal life compromising Jack’s ability to train or is there something more sinister going on?

Making the Running (Aspen Valley Series #4) (2015)


On the surface of things, life for stable lass, Kate Creswell, looks rosy. Wealthy boyfriend, Nicholas, is a text-book example of the perfect partner, and her ambition to lead up at Cheltenham Festival is set to come true with her favourite horse, d'Artagnan.

But dig a little deeper and thing aren’t quite so blissful. There’s the small task of keeping her mother's alcoholism a secret from Nicholas's well-to-do family. What about Nicholas’s dislike of d’Artagnan’s jockey, Ben de Jager? Could there be something more sinister to Ben's ability to be a good loser, and could their Gold Cup bid be in jeopardy?

A lot of things can change between flag fall and finish line. Nothing is a certainty. Not in life, not in racing, and not in love...

Carvings For Sale (2015)

Won first prize at the Cambridge Writers Short Story Competition 2015

Carvings For Sale is a story about growing up, poignant in its honesty. Four snapshot scenes of a white girl raised in Zimbabwe, where race, class and humility do not always mesh. In this vivid portrayal, a single place is revisited over a 20 year span where evidence of a changing political landscape is seen through the eyes of a child, a teen, and an adult.

Share and Share Alike (Aspen Valley Series #3) (2014)

Winner of the Katy Prize Price, 2014
Finalist in the RWA Marlene Contest, 2014.
Everyone has secrets... Everyone has a past...

Tessa thought buying into the dysfunctional Ta' Qali Racehorse Syndicate would be the perfect distraction from a life best forgotten. Some are willing to distract her with words of woo, while others are able to distract her with just a nonchalant look.
But neither Hugh's flirtations nor Sin's disregard are diversion enough when their horse, Ta' Qali, is found deliberately injured. Someone close is responsible and Tessa finds herself questioning the innocence of everyone around her.
With his nobbler still at large, the race is on to get Ta' Qali fit and oncourse in time to prove himself to be the champion Tessa's always believed him to be. But he isn't the only one up against the clock. Love is threatening to leave without her; and win, lose or draw, Tessa's in for the ride of her life...
‘A great combination of mystery, thrill and romance. Get this book. Seriously. You will not regret it.’ ***** Forging Fiction

‘Think Dick Francis, but lighter and funnier.’ ***** Oh Gingersnap!

Giving Chase (Aspen Valley Series # 2) (2013)


Amazon Number One Bestseller and winner of the Best International Romance Award in the Some Kind of Wonderful Awards 2012.

There has only ever been one man in Frankie’s life: her father, Doug Cooper. That is, until she takes the job of amateur jockey at Aspen Valley Racing Stables. Here, in the rolling countryside of southwest England, she crosses paths with star rider, Rhys Bradford. Her crush on him would be made so much simpler if they didn’t both have their eye on the same prize: the coveted ride on Grand National favourite, Peace Offering.

In the turbulent run-up to National Hunt’s biggest event, questions are raised. What exactly does Doug have against the Bradfords? Is Rhys playing games with her heart? Will Ta’ Qali show his true potential in time to warrant his place at Aspen Valley? Why do there have to be so many blasted calories in strawberry cheesecake? And lastly, who exactly is Francesca Cooper?

Frankie’s curiosity unearths some long-buried secrets which their keepers would rather remain buried, and on a journey of self-discovery that takes in Britain’s fiercest steeplechase courses, love will prove her costliest stumbling point.

‘Reminiscent of a Tom Sharpe novel but funnier.’ ***** The Racing Post

‘A pleasure to read. This book’s a winner!’ ***** Equestrian Trade News

Keeping the Peace (Aspen Valley Series # 1) (2012)


An Amazon Bestseller; inducted into A Drop of Romeo Hall of Fame; and runner-up for the Some Kind of Wonderful Best International Romance Award, 2011.

London waitress, Pippa Taylor has no interest in horses or country-living. But when she inherits Peace Offering, a hopeless racehorse, she embarks on a career change in order to see her late uncle’s wish to run him in the Grand National come true.

But having talked her way into a job as racing secretary to champion National Hunt trainer, Jack Carmichael and moved to the West Country, Pippa finds herself faced with more daunting obstacles than even the Grand National can throw at her. And that’s before her tempestuous relationship with her new boss can be considered.

Moody, fiery-tempered and particularly easy on the eye, Jack’s moral code is threatened by Pippa’s arrival. After a Christmas they would both rather forget, danger and deception threaten Pippa’s life in the country and as her time at Aspen Valley Stables draws to its conclusion she discovers Peace Offering is not the only thing she must fight to keep.

‘The book is well paced and the kooky characters absolutely believable. I laughed a great deal.’ ***** The Romance Reviews

‘Keeping the Peace has everything from a great storyline to some hot romance! The female Dick Francis.’ ***** The Filly Forum

At Long Odds (2012)


‘Don’t you see, Julien?’ Ginny continued in anguish. ‘We’re after the same prize…’
He nodded.
‘…but there can only be one winner,’ he finished for her.

When Ginny Kennedy returns home to Newmarket to revive the family’s racing stable, she has just one thing on her mind: winning the coveted Dewhurst Stakes at the end of the season.

Not only is she faced with the challenges of making her way in a man’s world, but she must also cope with her next door neighbour, rival trainer Julien Larocque. Ginny’s heart has been burnt once before and the chemistry between her and Julien promises nothing but fire.

They will risk it all for the prestige; for the glamour and for the glory. But when the call to post sounds, will they risk it all for love?

Come Race Day, Ginny realises there is a lot more at stake than just a trophy...

‘If you haven’t read Hannah Hooton, start now! Wonderful romances with a bit of mystery.’ ***** Amazon reviewer

‘A true and classic romance with great plot twists, unexpected villains, and a delicious love interest.’ ***** Amazon reviewer