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Writing Britain: 500-1500

30 June to 2 July 2014, University of Cambridge, Faculty of English

The Writing Britain Conference will take place in the English Faculty at the University of Cambridge under the auspices of the Centre for Material Texts. Some of the topics which we are keen to explore are literary and non-literary agencies and their significance and/or relevance in the medieval period across British medieval written culture in English, French, Latin, Norse and the Celtic languages.

More broadly, we are interested in other questions such as: How did local writers, compilers and readers use writing to inscribe regional identity within broader conventions or, on the other hand, impress 'universal' practices and constructs on local populations? What were the different markets for books? Can we characterize their developments and differences? 

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Tuesday, 2. Dec 2014


Douglas Palmer

Douglas is a science writer based in Cambridge, England who specializes in the history of life, especially human evolution and Earth’s environments. Over 20 of his books have been published over the last 14 years with Fossil Detectives and Neanderthal accompanying TV series. His latest published works are Earth in 100 groundbreaking discoveries, Origins :human evolution revealed and Evolution: the story of life. He is also a panel tutor for the University of Cambridge Institute of Continuing Education and a supervisor on the Natural Science Tripos for the University’s Robinson College.

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