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Next General Meeting

Tuesday, 3. Sep 2019 - Interactive Storytelling


Hannah Hooton

Hannah Hooton will give the presentation "Interactive Storytelling: The Art of Reader Engagement", which explores different creative writing techniques that help to give our readers a more personal and immersive experience with heightened emotional impact.

Hannah is the author of eight indie-published novels, writing both adult equestrian romance and Young Adult paranormal mystery, with two number one Amazon bestsellers within their genre. She has won or placed in numerous international writing competitions. A screenwriter as well as a novelist, she is presently teaching screenwriting at Anglia Ruskin University where she studied a Writing and Film Studies bachelor's degree followed by a Master's degree at the University of East Anglia in Creative Writing.
Blog Posts

Revenge - Short Story Competition 2019

3. Jul 2019
Harry Goode

‘Revenge’ – our latest short story collection has been assembled by Siobhan Carew, our Secretary, and Thure Etzold, our Website Controller. It is available on Amazon as an e-book priced at £2.99 or a paperback.

Bones of Contention: an occasional series

24. Jun 2019
Les Brookes

(2) Show don’t tell