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Next General Meeting

Saturday, 4. Sep 2021 - Summer Social


Because the date for ending anti-Covid measures has been set back to 19th July, we thought it wise to set a later date for our social.

We now plan to hold this on Saturday 4th September, from late afternoon onwards. The venue will be Deerfield Stud Farm, Dullingham. There will be a charge of £5 a head, and you are asked to bring a dish to share and something to drink.

As we did in 2019, there will be a cabaret. You may sing a song, recite a poem or tell a joke. We know that your own writing is amazingly good, but ask you to save that for one of our working Groups.

Usually members are welcome to bring guests, and we hope that will be the case t his year. However , I am sure you will appreciate that this depends on what rules about social mixing are in force at the time.

Blog Posts

This writing business: some rambling reflections

31. Mar 2021
Les Brookes

Last month I finally got round to publishing Small Town Blues, my second and probably last novel. Each was years in the making and at 77 I’m not sure if I have the time or stamina to write another. I’ll go on writing, of course, but in shorter forms: poems, stories, possibly a novella or two. Brevity is an undervalued quality and the novella an underused form – a genre that allows for development while avoiding the ‘bagginess’ that Henry James complained of. ‘The blessed nouvelle,’ he called it.

My Theory of Creativity

21. Mar 2020
Dr. Emily Bilman

My essay on my theory of creativity linked to sublimation and the therapeutic potential of poetry is published online in "WILD COURT", King's College magazine in the University of London. You can read my essay here.